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B5 L3

 B5 L3 The Earth's Mysterious Neighbor B5 L3 課文重點
1. except for
3. dozens of
6. in the distance
15. devour man after man
15. werewolves devourwith blood dripping down their jaws.
16. Not all lunar legends are…
29. it was the moon that had tempted them  
      tempt sb to V

31. serve to V          
      serve as + N

32. come / stem /originate / derive from
34. quite a few
41. enable sb to V
     engage in
42. The greater the number of people who stayed out late was,
       the higher the chance that certain incidents would occur was.

45. make inferences about
46. have a negative influence on
49. Each time/Every time / Whenever the moon
      exerts its gravitational force
53. in brief
55. Were it not for the moon,
   =If it were not were for the moon,
   = But for / Without the moon,
59. be in a mess
      not to mention the fact that S + V…
60. adapt oneself to + N
63. A as well as B
65. with the rapid development of science and technology,
67. It is not as unknown as it was to our ancestors,
70. have a far deeper understanding of