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B5 L7

 B5 L7 The Cellist of Sarajevo B5 L7課文重點
1. As a pianist, I was…
4. the unaccompanied cello
5. On the stage was a solitary chair.
8. the … composition that he was to play
16. Not far away lived a distinguished cellist
17. No sooner had he seen the massacre outside his window
       than the immense amount of suffering…
22. the midst of the battle raging around him
22. Placing a plastic chair…, he played one of the most …
27. With masonry exploding around him,
he courageously fought for
29. be lost to
33. “The Cellist of Sarajevo,” into which
he poured his feelings…
35. It was this very piece
36. be about to V
38. The music began, stealing into the hushed hall and creating
40. before subsiding into a hollow death rattle…
42. he remained bent over his cello,
       with his bow resting on the strings
44. as though we had just witnessed…
47. sweep over
55. Vedran Smailovic, dressed in a stained… jacket
56. A as well as B
57. a face…soaked with tears and lined with pain
58. now that
58. this man, who had shaken his cello…
59. strip down
60. without a doubt
62. It was then that I realized that music…