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B5 L8

 B5 L8 Waste Not, Want not B5 L8課文重點
4. Made with clay…, these cakes are used…
8. Sad to say
8. there seems to be no quick solution to this situation
10. not to mention
11. be listed as
12. grow food fast enough to feed every islander, which makes this country…
17. famine-like
19. they spent months examining the diets
24. consist of
27. With no access to dairy
31. compare A with B
34. a variety of
37. the money they spent on drinks
38. three times the amount of the total food budget
40. Serious as it is in some parts of the world
41. a study carried out by the United Nations…
43. one quarter of fruit
50. food shortages may not seem as urgent as those in Haiti
52. be bound to V
53. prevent this from happening
54. make minor adjustments
54. better yet
56. by assessing our food needs
59. S +V… so that S +V…
61. What counts is that we should…
61. keep … in mind
61. stop… from…
63. too big to be tackled