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B3 L10

 B3 L10課文重點
2. they are having their temperatures taken量體溫
*S + have + O. + O.C.(p.p.) 
5. With its tip wrapped in a sugary coating
   *with +O+OC(pp.) 分詞構句表附帶狀況
   *be wrapped in 包裹著
8. It is not too exaggerated to say that
   =It is no exaggeration to say that
  ( 4. A creative thermometer called…..
    5. With its tip wrapped
    6. thermometer designed by…)
12. Since + 過去簡單式/ 13. Over the years,  S +現在完成式
13. over the years→幾年來

     in the field of →...的領域中
16. major in 主修...
     be willing to = V 願意
19. the ones 代替   the entries   
20. as + N  作為
24.devoting oneself to + V-ing /N致力於某事 
make the most of 充分利用
    = make good use of = take good advantage of

25. in the meantime同時
     = meanwhile = at the same time 
27. encourage sb to + V 鼓勵(某人)去做
27. take part in參與= join in = participate in 
31. One example is the tableware
     “Eat ­Clean, which was selected
34. upon finding that their knives,
    = as soon as they find that their knives,
35. apply A to B   A用於B之上

37. The designers couldn’t be praised too highly for designing …their    
30.One example is the tableware called

40.From the winning entries (which are )mentioned分詞構句
41. come from 起源於
    = originate from
    = stem from

42. It is an interesting coincidence that

44. the same as一樣
46. the experience of taking part in this competition can’t be too       

48. put one’s ideas into practice
49. bring convenience to people

51. young and inexperienced as they are,(倒裝句)
     = though they are young and inexperienced