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B3 L11

 1. Glove puppetry has long been an important part of
    Taiwanese culture.
    long = for a long time
3. be introduced (from…) to/into…
7. familiar scripts (which were) based on
    classic Chinese stories分詞構句
    be based on 根據
8. from then/now on 從那時/現在起
11. short­-lived (adj.)短暫的
13. a strong Japanese flavor, which made glove puppetry
     drastically different非限定的形容詞子句
14. be unpopular/popular with sb (不)受…歡迎
17. back to its true nature回到它的本質
18. grow in popularity
     =become more popular
19. Jin Guang, meaning “golden light”   in Mandarin
     分詞構句 原句為:which meant…
21. play a key role in…
22. Lighting played…, and so did pop songs ….流行歌曲也是
25. every now and then偶爾
     =once in a while
     =from time to time
     =at times =sometimes
26. the puppets were larger than usual  
29. even/much/far/a little/a lot +比較級
32.including + N 包括
     =inclusive of+ N
     = N + included
36. Having the ratings of more than 90 percent, The Scholar
 still enjoys…分詞構句
     還原:Because The Scholar Swordsman had the ratings…
41. interfere in 干涉
42. set up = establish 建立
42. Rules and regulations were set up, one of which
      which代替rules and regulations
42. force sb to V強迫
44. its worst crisis ever
44. turn to轉向…
50. Legend of the Sacred Stone, which turned out to be a hit
   which 指the movie Legend of the Sacred Stone
   turn out to be結果變成
54. come back with thunder
56. A as well as B 除了B之外還有A
     =not only B but also A
58. on one’s own 獨自的
62. spring up 蓬勃發展
62. dress up as + N 盛裝打扮成…
63. The fact that many foreign visitors have traveled to Taiwan
      to master this folk art
     that子句為名詞子句當the fact的同位語
66. it is time for local folk artists to draw inspiration from
      =It is time that local folk artists drew inspiration from…
68. step forward on踏上