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B4 L1

 2. It’s time that I did my homework.
     =It’s time for me to do my homework.
7. give thought to sth/Ving 認真考慮…
7. S + find + O + OC (V-ing/V-en/adj./N),發覺
    I find my eyes wandering to…
    I find myself trapped (50行)
8. A as well as B A以及B都…
    例:I as well as Joseph am a student.

9.  gaze at 注視
11. in a few hours I will be sitting in English class 未來進行式
11.  start on + sth 開始…
13. classic 典型的
13. manage to V 設法達成
     put off +Ving 拖延
16. be in trouble 陷入麻煩
17. the mass of 大多數的
19. waste + 時間 / 金錢 (+ V-ing / on sth)   浪費
19. a great/large/huge amount of後方接不可數名詞,表示「大量的」
20. one step behind用以形容某人無法事先做好萬全的準備或是
      後知後覺,其相反詞為one step ahead of
22. spend + 時間 / 金錢 + V-ing / on sth
23. think up sth (infml.) 想出 (尤指藉口)
23. weak在此表示「缺乏說服力的」
      an excuse for sth/V-ing (做)某事的藉口
24. there is room for improvement in 有改善的空間
27. a television show (which is ) meant for a four-year-old
       be meant for sb / sth 為某人或某目的而準備
28. a four-year-old (child)
29. cause sb to V 致使某人去做…
      have been + V-ing「現在完成進行式」,表一段時間內持續進行的動作
32. rush催促
37. S + should + have V-en . . .「該做而未做」,表「懊悔」
44. get the satisfaction from…得到成就感
      get/have things done 把事情做完
45. rather adv. 相反,反而(常用於否定句)
       例: The award is not meant to praise the winner, but rather
            to amuse  the  audience.
45. end up「最後變成」,其後補語除了可作現在分詞之外,
       The dictator ended up overthrown by his people.(過去分詞)
       The drunken driver ended up in jail.(介系詞片語)
        After the party, the house ended up messy.(形容詞)
47. the same as +N/Ving
46. one at a time 一次一個
48. downward-moving (Adv. + V-ing可組成複合形容詞)
50. the present n. sing. 現在,目前     the past 過去
51.  unfinished business 未完成之事
52. rob sb of sth 搶奪
53. one N after another 一個接著一個的…
54. fly by (時間)飛逝
56. be doomed to 注定